University Data Governance

Data governance is a collection of practices and processes which help ensure the formal management of data assets within an organization.  A properly functioning data governance structure enables shared decision-making across organizational boundaries and addresses key issues such as data ownership, standardization, validity, reliability, access, and security.   This type of structure has been put in place at East Carolina University.  Doing so demonstrates the extent to which the university’s leadership value data and their desire to manage this important institutional asset intentionally.  Check out the links throughout this website to learn more about data governance and management at ECU.  Request more information or report a data governance issue by visiting the Contact Us page.

Did you know…

  • that all members of the ECU community are responsible for safeguarding data in their custody?
  • that ECU has Data Stewards with a responsibility to manage, share, and report on data within their areas and who must give approval before you use or disclose certain data?
  • that University data are classified into four levels based on sensitivity and regulation?
  • that you are required to report all data security concerns?
  • that ECU has guidelines about how sensitive data should be stored and transmitted?